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Welcome to Noral Lighting

Imagine what light can do!

The English version of our webpage is a work in progress! Please check back in a couple of weeks to be able to use our english webpage.
However, we are doing this translation online. That means that you can browse our english webpage during the translation process. But of course the language will vary between both Swedish and English.

Noral creates and offers premium lighting solutions world wide. Our customers benefit from our relentless pursuit of excellence within design, performance and cost of ownership. We take pride in helping our customers reaching their goals and deliver the highest possible value on all levels. Noral will remain synonymous to quality. Design, quality components and state-of-the-art technology will always be integral elements of a Noral product.
We give our customer world class service in market support, light design, distribution and project management. Integrity, teamwork and honesty towards customers each other and society are hallmarks of the Noral organization.




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